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Stable Version Due this Week!

Aug 29, 2008 at 7:19 PM
Would just like to let those that are interested in Hotelier that we have completed the full version (v2) which if our tests go to plan will mean it will be available for general release over the weekend. Hotelier two differs somewhat from its predecessor in that it includes our own reservation and availability software.

What does this mean?

Well Hotelier is now totally Open Source and if my research is correct we offer the only truly free hotel based web-site that gives hotel owners and travel agents a unique experience in that the software gives both front & back end functionality, this transpires as:

A front end which allows the owner to:

Take reservations on-line.
Show the hotels available accommodation.
And a whole host of other features.

Back end gives:

Allows site owners to easily create their own content, modify the reservation and availability modules, and again a whole host of extra features that were not available in version 1.