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Project Description

Hotelier is a unique Open Source program that allows you to install a fully functioning online hotel. Is easily installed using automatic wizard, looks good, and comes with highly functional e-commerce and reservation software.

The Hotelier Project launched its first official beta release on 26th July 2008 after 18 months of initial trials using a variety of languages and developers. The collaboration at present has four developers working to produce a recognised brand that will with further refinement become the only choice for business' seeking an Open Source alternative.

In addition to offering first class stable software the hotelier product uses:

An amazing deployment wizard that installs the 10.6 Mb site within five minutes using the Kickstart program.


This screen shot shows a section of the front page of the Hotelier demo.

Example of the site reservation system.

Payment methods as used within the e-commerce shopping section

Links to Hotelier related pages:

Project Home Page

Hotelier Demo


Support & Tutorials:

Installation Requirements

Installation Guide

Ideal Hosting Environment

Post Installation Modification Guide

Reservation System

On-Line reservations

Contact Us:

We offer first class support to all users of Hotelier so please if you run into difficulties of any kind contact us and we will assist you!

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